Success Testimonials



“Being with the Company allows our family to live the life people only dream about!”

John & Michel Delatte, Executive Product Consultants

John and Michel have found success being a husband and wife team. Working with HDP, they have enjoyed the combination of high monthly earnings and flexibility of schedule while raising a family.

“Helping other people reach their goals and dreams is the most rewarding part of my job!”

Rita Ester, Marketing Director

Rita came into the company without any experience. The company's training and management team have developed her into becoming a great manager! Her rapid advancement as a single mother of three has forever changed her life!


“This company not only changed my life, it changed life for my children as well. This Company offered me more income than a regular job!"

Edie Boudreaux, Field Manager

Edie is a single mother who made more money part-time here than she did as a teacher. This company not only improved her financial situation, but it also gave her and her children a new "family" of friends! She has rapidly moved from product consultant to field manager, receiving numerous awards and recognition in the division.